Hillbilly Bears

Mountaineers Bears, Hillbilly Bears, originally in English are fictional characters in a series created by the American animation factory Hanna-Barbera. This is a family of four bears, anthropomorphic and speakers, in which Pa Bear, Ursa Ma, teenage daughter and youngest son Florecita Shag is integrated. His adventures were issued by the US network NBC on October 2, 1965, in the show of Atom Ant, which included besides the heroic Ant series, the series of Precious Pupp.

Apa philosophy is do you need with minimal effort, so is that just speaks, and if you get to make your sentences and mutters barely understand what he says if not for that translates your child. His favorite pastime is to lie down in the shade to nap, while a pipe is smoked, with his rifle close at hand. Amd now and then gets angry and wields his rolling pin and give it a whack Apa, to do something. Apa yes then mumbles, but it is better not understand what he says. 

Apa bear and is not very sociable, and if you check evil eye will sew you to death. Shag, the baby of the family, adores her father and only has an illusion, be like him someday. While the daughter, youthful and jovial Flora, wants much to his parents but would like to integrate into modern life. In any case it is magnified representation of the inhabitants of the cottages of the mountains of the Deep South of the United States (see also Punkin Puss and Mush Mouse). These unusual bears the will to do with the most unusual situations.